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Quirky Gifts
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Strawberry Pop Rocks

kids candy
Classic Pop Rocks nuggets fused with strawberry! This popping candy will surprise and delight. ... Read More
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Drunk and Disorderly Flask

funny flasks
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Get silly with a clever little stainless steel flask. These 4 ounce flasks are perfect ... Read More
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Volunteer Sticky Notes

office supplies
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These humorous Anne Taintor sticky notes are ideal for writing reminders or leaving messages. Each ... Read More
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Dirty Roommate Tags

gag gift
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Provide humorous little hints, whether for kids or roommates, with sticky expressions like: Wash This, ... Read More
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Laser Gun Keychain

kids key chains
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Protect your keys with the Laser Gun key Chain featuring laser sound and super bright ... Read More
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Hello Kitty Sour Candy

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Hello Kitty is back! Your favorite feline comes with delicious sour candy treats. Throw this ... Read More
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Tire Swing Bird Feeder $13.95
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Tire Swing Bird Feeder

Attract bird friends with this unique bird feeder shaped like a tire swing that sways ... Read More

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